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PLA polymers

Luminy neat PLA resins, and sample compounds from Total Corbion PLA

Luminy® is a range of specially developed high performance PLA polymer resins, which are compliant with the most relevant regulations and requirements related to bioplastics:

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•    Approved for EU food contact applications (EC No. 1935/2004 and No. 10/2011)
•    EN 13432 standard for industrial composting (OK Compost and Seedling certified)
•    Biobased content of 100%
•    REACH compliant
•    Made from European sugar beet and Thai sugarcane: these are always GMO-free crops
•    Reduced carbon footprint (peer reviewed LCA study available)

Our new portfolio of neat PLA resins includes products in four categories:

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•    High heat PLA for demanding applications,
•    Standard PLA for general purpose applications,
•    Low heat PLA typically used as seal layer,
•    PDLA used either as a nucleating agent or to create full stereocomplex compounds.




Our Application Development Team is ready to support technical enquiries related to high heat PLA, standard PLA and PDLA as well as PLA compounded blends for any application. Looking for lactide monomers?

Luminy neat PLA resin portfolio from Total Corbion PLA

Luminy neat PLA resin properties by Total Corbion PLA

In addition to neat PLA resin, we have also developed a range of compounds in cooperation with our PLA partners, Universities, Institutes, compounders and brandowners. These are available in sample quantities for testing and production trials. Details on the properties of these PLA compounds can be found in the table below.