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High heat packaging & disposables

Handling the heat...

In the past, bioplastics have struggled to withstand higher temperatures. Not anymore. High heat PLA bioplastics based on our high quality lactides can withstand temperatures of 100°C - 140°C. This makes it ideal for beverage cups, coffee cups, soups, hot chocolate, etc. And it allows manufacturers to replace oil-based plastics like polystyrene (PS) and polypropylene (PP).

Packaging is the first point of contact for consumers when choosing a product, and environmental credentials are increasingly under scrutiny. With PLA you can deliver a biobased solution that can be recycled or composted after use.

High heat coffee cups with PLA bioplastics
Our partner is introducing a high heat PLA coffee cup to replace single-use PS coffee cups. Not only does it have a reduced carbon footprint but it boasts high biobased content.

Why not apply similar principles to other applications like noodle pots, microwave meal packaging and cutlery?

Sustainability advantages of PLA

PLA offers a sustainability win-win to both brandowners and consumers.
    •    For brandowners, PLA products are biobased; enabling products and packaging with a reduced carbon footprint.
    •    For consumers, the multiple end-of-life options offered by PLA empowers them to reduce their environmental impact.

For thin film packaging, often difficult to mechanically recycle, PLA can be collected using the existing organic waste infrastructure and composted into CO2, water and biomass.