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Consumer electronics

Switching on to PLA bioplastics

PLA bioplastics deliver performance in consumer electronics comparable to PP and ABS. The latest blends combine high gloss and excellent colorability with great scratch resistance and economic processing.

So for applications like mobile phones, laptops, games consoles and tablets, high heat PLA based on our lactides offers more than just improved heat resistance. Flame retardant PLA compounds are available and PLA offers excellent UV resistance.

A Total Corbion PLA partner has developed PLA blends that offer improved impact resistance, excellent high gloss finish and economic processing – providing a major benefit to both manufacturer and consumer.

Sustainability advantages of PLA
PLA offers a sustainability win-win to both brandowners and consumers.

  • For brandowners, PLA products are biobased; enabling products and packaging with a reduced carbon footprint.
  • For consumers, the multiple end-of-life options offered by PLA empowers them to reduce their environmental impact.

For consumer electronics, PLA boasts the option to create biobased products with a reduced carbon footprint, which at their end-of-life could be mechanically recycled. An appealing and compelling benefit.

The world's first bioplastic touchscreen computer
The latest example of this innovation in action comes through a partnership between a compounding partner and a major Taiwanese electronics OEM. Together, they have developed PLA blends now being used in the electronic housing of the world’s first bioplastic computer (unveiled to the industry at K2013).