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PLA: Riding high

High heat PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) delivers new levels of performance for a biobased plastic: It has a high heat resistance, it is easy to process, has excellence aesthetics, and demonstrates outstanding durability. Properties comparable to PS, PP and ABS type materials are a reality!

About high heat PLA
Most PLA bioplastics of the past had the major drawback that they could not withstand increased temperatures. However, Total Corbion PLA has developed a high heat resistant solution for PLA-based bioplastics. At the heart of this technology, you find high heat PLA compounds based on stereochemically pure lactides, a type of PLA that until recently was not commercially available. These new high heat resistant PLA resins open up new markets for bioplastic products, including consumer electronics, high heat packaging, automotive interiors, apparel and many more. Read more about PLA polymers.

PLA: Easy to process
PLA can generally be processed on existing equipment lines, whether for extrusion, thermoforming or injection molding. More information on processing PLA.

PLA: Looking good
PLA injection molded parts based on our unique lactides have outstanding aesthetics and finish – a valuable benefit in consumer products. Read more.

PLA: The durable bioplastic
This material combines outstanding scratch- and impact resistance, with excellent heat resistance. And it’s both dishwasher and microwave safe.